You may have experienced this, but overtime your swimwear can get that rough stiff fabric feeling or just begin to be uncomfortable. Sometimes, that rough fabric rubs on your skin and you may get a few pimples or bumps come up in those areas after wearing your suit for a long time. Though this is so common, the biggest misconception is not that your swimwear has worn its way through. It’s actually how you treat it. Follow our tips for maintaining that silky, buttery feel of your favourite swim set.

#1 - When done using, immediately rinse in cold water. Wash away that harsh chlorine or salt water!

#2 - Hand wash bikinis and show ‘em some love. Use a gentle detergent and cool water. We highlyyyy recommend @bikinisovereverything if you’re looking to give it that extra TLC.

#3 - Lay flat on a towel and out of the sun. This helps maintain the structure of the fabric!

#4 - Enjoy like new!

We know it’s hard to avoid those situations of sleeping over at a friends house and you didn’t bring your detergent with you or even have time for this - obviously! But these steps overall will help lengthen your favourite kini’s life on your skin. 

My favourite recommendation for those tricky situations is rinsing it off after the pool or beach, slightly ring out so it’s not sopping wet, and roll up into a towel if you’re on your way home. Don’t toss it in the washer or dryer - dedicate that time later on and wash by hand.

Have any more tricks or concerns about your suits longevity? Let us know and we’ll get to your answers.

June 21, 2021