From Dreams to Reality

Our Story

“It Was All A Dream”

Collection Inspiration:

Swimwear with a purpose. An invitation to dream, to inspire us all to manifest our deepest desires and to overcome our limiting beliefs.

Collection Colour Inspiration:

Our custom dream print, a blend of purple, pink and blue guiding us to live in the present, to take the necessary time to connect with our purpose and to manifest our goals and dreams into our reality. Black, representing inner strength and violet, representing femininity and the importance of loving ourselves.   


How It's Made

We design, develop, and manufacture our products in Vancouver, BC. We value partnering and supporting local businesses which is why we are grateful for our relationship with Fashion Studio No.5. We are involved from start to finish, giving us greater control over the quality of swimwear we produce and it allows us to pour more love into our pieces.


For every decision made, we discussed how we can be as low-waste as possible. Here are a few changes we have made to become a more sustainable brand: implimented 100% compostable garment bags and mailer bags and purchased recycled materials to create our swim. Upcycled the over ordered fabrics from the mistakes of our past and created handmade scrunchies, sarongs and even used some as the lining for our new collection.

Stay tuned for more sustainable practices and a partnership that will help us upcycle our fabric wastage!


Our Team

Mackenzie Friesen, Founder and CEO of Mackenzie Maddison Swimwear, has built a team who are dedicated to the passion and efforts to revolutionize the swimwear industry. More to come soon about our team & their impact!

Sustainable • Ethical • Small Batch • Made Local • Designed to Inspire • Love Your City